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We are an online resource for parents, teens and others interested in the effects and impact of teen trauma.

More than half of U.S. families have been
affected by some type of disaster (54%)

Our mission is to raise awareness, provide resources for treatment and facilitate recovery.

In the US more than two thirds of children reported at least 1 traumatic event by age 16.

Potentially traumatic events include:

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TRAUMA is a risk factor for nearly all behavioral health and substance use disorders.

Since trauma varies from person to person, the cause can be hard to predict. Trauma is often realized by harmful behavior patterns that go beyond normal teen behavior. Turning to alcohol or drug use is a common response to untreated adolescent trauma. When your teen is full of troubling emotions or struggling with mental health, inhibitions can be lowered. This makes it easier for your teen to experiment with drugs or alcohol.

When there are behavior issues, substance abuse is often quick to follow. The substances often make teens feel better by alleviating the feelings they are struggling to manage. 

Getting Answers Leads to Real Solutions

If you are concerned about your teen’s behavior, please take the Teen Trauma Assessment. If your teen struggles with teen trauma or emotional or behavioral health, please review our resources to get the help you need.

Teen Trauma Due to Sudden Loss

The sudden or violent loss of a loved one can be especially traumatic for a teen. Find out why some losses can be especially traumatic, the signs of PTSD, and what to do to help.

Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation or Sexual Abuse Trauma

The trauma stemming from sexually abusive events, such as molestation, sex human trafficking, or sexual assault, can be both physical and emotional in nature. Learn how sexual trauma can affect the victim and how to help.

Trauma from Physical or Emotional Abuse

The ramifications of physical or emotional abuse at home can lead to many challenges for teens. Get to know where to go for help as a teen overcoming an abusive experience or a caregiver supporting a traumatized teen.

Stay Informed

Adolescent Trauma

Teen trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like sudden loss, an accident, sexual abuse, violence, neglect, physical or emotional abuse, or natural disaster.
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Adolescent Trauma Treatment Centers

These are treatment facilities that offer inpatient therapy that is personalized for the individual specific needs. These provide mental health treatment, emotional, behavioral disorders while offering an academic component. Most programs offer a combination of cognitive, pharmacotherapy, behavioral, and psychological therapies.
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Child Endangerment

When a parent or caregiver allows a child to remain in an unhealthy or dangerous situation.

Child Trauma Symptom

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress in Teens Symptoms are similar for a complete list click here.
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Emotional Trauma in Teens

Signs and symptoms that your teen is struggling with trauma often include avoidance, withdrawal and anxiety.
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Sexual Abuse

Recognize the signs of a sexual abuser and what to do when you suspect someone is a victim of sexual abuse.
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Sexual Exploitation

When one person abuses or exploits another person sexually through cohersion or force.
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